Children sleeping bag

At CheapOutdoor you will find the best range of children's sleeping bags. These sleeping bags especially for children come in all different sizes: small and large children's sleeping bags.

Children sleeping bag

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What is a children's sleeping bag?

A children's sleeping bag is usually smaller in size with a maximum length of around 170 centimeters. As a result, the children lie more comfortably in the children's sleeping bag than in an adult sleeping bag, such as the mummy sleeping bag . And every child wants their own children's sleeping bag!

Small or large children's sleeping bag?

Count the height of your child 20 centimeters and you have the minimum length of the children's sleeping bag that you need. The more space the child has, the more empty spaces that reduce comfort because the sleeping bag also has to heat those spaces. For the best night's sleep for your child and yourself, choose a child's sleeping bag from CheapOutdoor. Some children's sleeping bags also offer the possibility to add an extension, so that your child can grow in the sleeping bag.

Kids sleeping bag: for every season

A children's sleeping bag for camping is suitable for winter as well as autumn, spring and summer. The children's sleeping bags are available in both a blanket model and a mummy model. Looking for a winter children's sleeping bag? Then choose the mummy model in which your child is wonderfully warm and waterproof. Do you prefer something lighter? Then choose the blanket model children's sleeping bag from CheapOutdoor, which is also suitable for indoor temperatures.