List of products by brand Mactronic

Mactronic: flashlights for everyone

The Polish company Mactronic was founded in the 80s. The company produced and sold flashlights. The company has now grown into one of the largest European manufacturers of high-quality lighting equipment for both professionals and sports enthusiasts, Outdoor people, etc. Mactronic develops innovative products of premium quality that are perfectly tailored to the different needs.

Mactronic: flashlights and headlamps

Mactronic has been supplying high-quality lighting equipment for over 30 years for professionals such as law enforcement, military and emergency responders and for 'amateurs' such as cyclists, athletes, hikers and other people who also want to be able to find their way in the dark find.

The company provides innovative premium quality products that are perfectly tailored to different needs. The Mactronic collection now consists of more than 500 models, many of which are the company's own industrial designs.

250,000 flashlights per year; Mactronic

The design team within Mactronic is one of the most important departments in the company. They try to match each new flashlight model or advanced lighting system to the needs of the users as closely as possible. In addition, they are also responsible for developing patented technological solutions. Mactronic sells more than 250,000 flashlights in many countries every year.