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What is an emergency whistle?

An emergency whistle is a whistle that can help you make it clear to others that you are in danger. In places where few people come, an emergency whistle can be the solution to pass on your location if you are no longer able to travel.

Emergency whistle: show your location

With an emergency whistle you can pass on your location in case of an emergency. An emergency whistle is very compact and can often be worn around your neck. You can also take it with you in your backpack in your fixed kit so that you always have it with you.

An emergency whistle can also help you in difficult situations on the water. By blowing on it, an emergency whistle tells you exactly your location. People who can help you can already hear the sound of the emergency whistle from a great distance and thus come to the location where you are in danger.

The whistles are usually made of aluminum, making them lightweight and also resistant to any moisture in the outside air.