At CheapOutdoor you buy the best cleaner for your outdoor clothing. Especially for the clothes you are used outdoors, there is detergent that is suitable for the technical materials that are used. With this detergent you extend the life of your outdoor clothing.


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What is outdoor detergent?

For clothing that you often wear outside and that are made with special technical fabrics, there is detergent that preserves the life of the techniques and ensures that it is not lost during washing.

Outdoor detergent: for preserving your clothes

The manufacturer will indicate on all items of clothing how to wash the items. This is the most important information for the relevant article. To ensure that your clothing retains the techniques used, there are detergents and impregnating agents that are specially made for outdoor clothing.

Detergent for Merino wool, for softshells or for clothing with down is being developed to preserve or improve the properties of the fabric and materials. There are sets of detergent with which you can first wash the clothes and then use the second bottle to make it waterproof again.

Important washing tips for outdoor clothing are to wash everything inside out and ensure that you do not use fabric softener. This in combination with the special outdoor detergents ensures that your clothing lasts longer