Blanket sleeping bag

CheapOutdoor has the best offer blanket sleeping bags. In a blanket and sleeping bag you can enjoy moving while you sleep. All blanket sleeping bags are supplied with a compressiezak to the blanket and sleeping bag in on top of it.

Blanket sleeping bag

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What is a blanket sleeping bag?

A blanket sleeping bag also called envelope model sleeping bag is a sleeping bag that you have just like a blanket over you. The blanket sleeping bag has a rectangular model and does not fit tightly around your body. The blanket sleeping bag is ideal if you move a lot during your sleep.

Sleeping bag blanket: move freely in your sleep

If you do not lie still while sleeping, the blanket sleeping bag is the sleeping bag for your best night's rest. By zipping the sleeping bag completely open, it can also be used as a loose blanket in the sleeping bag if you get very hot. If you keep a close eye on the comfort temperature of the sleeping bags, you can sleep on one of your journeys with a blanket sleeping bag. The sleeping bag blanket is a sleeping bag to be able to move around while sleeping.