List of products by brand Footgel

Footgel: development since 1980 in technical elements in footwear

Since 1980, this company has already been engaged in the production of technical elements for shoes. Over the years, the Castello family has grown the company with specific raw materials and the development of new materials. In 1997, the product Termocrep® was developed, which in 2013 evolves into the Termocrep®technology that provides the termocrep gel® that is now used in the gel soles.

Footgel: Extra cushioning

Footgel insoles are made of high quality Termocrep-Gel® and tested by the Institute of Biomechanics of the University of Valencia. This tackles the two most important foot problems, the cushioning and perspiration. The patented design provides maximum cushioning for the foot. The composite termocrep-gel® ensures that the damping is several times higher than that tested in other products.

Against perspiration: Footgel

Footgel's technology manages and dries foot moisture. This is controlled by a high quality technical microfibre fabric that can absorb 8x its own weight and the patented insole design uses its own cushioning contraction with each step to recirculate air, effectively wicking away moisture.