Key chain

CheapOutdoor will provide the best key holders for your keys, well on top of it. The key chain up with a variety of fun applications for your daily use, and keys himself in on top of it.

Key chain

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What is a key ring?

The key ring is known by the ring where you can hang your keys, but now also available as a storage. A key ring that you do not hang your keys on but store in. With these key chains you will never lose your keys again.

Keychain: cleared on the road

Keychains come in many shapes and sizes and something that everyone likes. We supply key chains where you can store your keys instead of hanging them. With this key ring you go away on your way.

In addition to the keychains where you can store your keys, there are many other fun keychains available and extensions for the keyholders. USB sticks that you can attach to your key store or compact lights so that you can still find the keyhole in the evening.

The key ring with a cord is also a nice option. This allows you to hang your bunch on your belt and you can open the door by pulling the key. Between your bunch of keys and the tool is a cord on which your keys hang.