Camping crockery set

CheapOutdoor has the best selection of camping utensils. Camping tableware can take a beating, and then it's nice and fast for everything. Also, the weight of the camping set is a great advantage when you're on the move.

Camping crockery set

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What is a camping service?

Camping crockery is cutlery, plates, bowls, etc., specially made for camping life or for a backpacking trip, hiking, trekking or any outdoor adventure. The camping service is lightweight and can take a beating.

Camping crockery: lightweight and can take a beating

When you are out camping in nature, you don't want your good cutlery and your plate of earthenware lying around in the grass. The camping service was specially invented for this.

Deliciously compact cutlery that can be folded, thus taking up even less space. Signs that can take a beating. Cups that you can fold in and pan sets that do not weigh as much as the cast iron pan from home.

You usually use the camping crockery for all meals during the day and afterwards they are clean again to store for the next meal after having spent another wonderful part of the day outside.

The camping service is also a lot lighter in weight than the standard service that you can find in your kitchen. This is also a big advantage when you travel.