CheapOutdoor delivers the best gaiters against wet feet, wet with snow or tall grass. Take a set of gaiters if you had to walk through high grass. And, of course, if you're in the snow go for a walk is a set of gaiters is always handy.


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What is a Gaiter?

A gaiter, also called gamaschen or leggings, covers the underside of your legs. If you walk through tall grass early in the morning with your high walking shoes, you will still get wet feet through the wet grass. You prevent wet feet with a gaiter.

Gaiters: dry feet with high grass or snow

A set of gaiters is always useful if you are planning to go for a walk in areas where there may be high grass or where you may encounter snow.

You can easily put the gaiters around your leg and with most sets they close with a zipper on the front, often with a Velcro closure over it. At the bottom often a metal corner that you can clamp behind your laces so that the water runs away over your shoes.

In addition, most gaiters are equipped with elastic or adjustable sections with which you can adjust them tighter at or above your calves. And at the bottom a strap that goes under your shoes. All this ensures that the gaiter stays in place while walking.

A set of gaiters also keeps the underside of your pants clean of all mud and whatever else you come across. And a wonderful side effect is that they can keep your lower legs nice and warm.