Mummy sleeping bag

In CheapOutdoor you can buy the best sleeping bag for your trip. But how do you know which sleeping bag would be suitable for your trip? The mummy sleeping bag is considered to be one of the sleeping bags out of our range of products. All that sleeping-bags can be provided with a compressiezak the mummy sleeping bag on top of it.

Mummy sleeping bag

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What is a mummy sleeping bag?

A mummy sleeping bag has a different fit than the standard sleeping bag. Because the mummy sleeping bag has a human body fit, the sleeping bag fits well with the body. This means that there is less excess space that needs to be heated. The mummy sleeping bag insulates better than a blanket model and can also be suitable in temperatures up to -40 ° C. 

Mummy sleeping bag: warm and good sleep everywhere

A mummy sleeping bag ensures a good night's sleep. Because of the fit of the mummy sleeping bag in combination with the hood that you can pull over your head, these sleeping bags will keep you nice and warm in all weather conditions. When purchasing a mummy sleeping bag you should always pay attention to which seasons the sleeping bag is suitable for. A 2-season mummy sleeping bag is often too cold for the winter to sleep well outside.