List of products by brand Snugbud

Snugbud wearing a body warmer and a rucksack with the heat and jar

The simplest ideas are the best ideas. After three years of intensive research, and the design of numerous prototypes and more radical tests in a variety of environments, the Snugbud was born. Please fill out your enclosed Snugbud-water bottle with warm water and you're good to go. Snugbud if the product has been extensively tested, so you don't have to make. The Snugbud is going to go fishing on the icy banks of the rivers, in, Alaska, to ski on the pristine slopes of Colorado, and rock climbing at the base camp of the Everest, with temperatures of -27 degrees Celsius in the Russian sports.

Snugbud body warmer heat backpack

Cheapoutdoor's range includes the Snugbud, a backpack with a supplied water bag for hot water, similar to the previously used jug that keeps you nice and warm.

In addition to all these nice and warm benefits, the Snugbud has even more benefits such as helping against back pain, endometriosis, raynauds, etc.

Snugbud backpack with pitcher

If you get cold quickly, there is now a solution for that, the Snugbud! Whether you don't feel like going outside due to the cold or freezing during your dog walk, waiting at an icy train platform, watching the little ones on the frozen sports field, shivering through the fireworks ... Snugbud takes care of it that you don't have to worry.

The Snugbud can also give you a lot of warmth on the couch in front of the TV. This Snugbud will change your year, maybe your life… this is a gift that will return your warmth..