Get the latest Lifestraw Go is Stainless Steel, it is in there!

That the Lifestraw keeps on renewing, of course, is not a fool, like many other companies, they continue to look for innovations in order to make their product better, more sustainable, and more beautiful, to create it. For example, we have of-the-week, the Lifestraw Go is Stainless Steel inside. Our teenage daughter, and saw the bottles and said, “it will be fine!” Now, as a teenager, and that says it all to a bottle in her eyes, but it was a “dull” and will everyday item, then we can be sure that it is really a good product!

Of course, it is not without a Lifestraw, which means that the cylinder is equipped with the well-known elements and what almost all of the bacteria, viruses, parasites, and micro plastics, etc. filter. However, this version has an additional function, namely, thermal insulation. This means that the water in the hot conditions to stay cool and in cool conditions, drinkable, etc.) and so hours and hours of delicious and fresh!

Definitely a plus in the hot summer sun, or in hot climates!

Personally, I think that the blue version is the best, but it is also white, and gray are pretty to look at. The frosted look gives it just that little bit extra with regard to atmosphere. And useful it is, of course, the hook, causing the bottle to your belt or bag, you can hang out if you're into the bag does not have enough free space. And because of the insulation, that wasn't too bad, because the water will not like so much of the taste and because it is exposed to sunlight or heat.

I love the brand, Lifestraw, just with a top brand. A water bottle like this one is to use do you take to reduce the amount of waste and plastic in the oceans. Now you'll be there, of course, does not necessarily have to be in a bottle, Lifestraw, to use any of the other (re-usable, non-isolated, and/or have a water bottle is sufficient, in that sense, but it's nice to Lifestraw, that is, for every bottle you purchase, and that they have a child in Africa for a year-long supply of clean and safe drinking water.

That means that the Lifestraw for me to have a better chance of success with it!

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