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Husky t-shirt Telly M men's functional Cooldry - Dark Red

Husky t-shirt Telly M men's functional Cooldry - Dark Red

Reference: CO-00000879ROXXL

Functional Cooldry T-shirt Husky with contrasting stitching. By the breathability of the fabric keeps your body nice and cool.

Size Chart
Maattabel heren bovenkleding Husky

A: Meet het breedste deel van de borst en rond de schouders.
B: Meet rond het smalste deel van de taille.
C: Meet rond het breedste deel van de heupen.

Onderstaand de lichaamsmaten van de man voor de bovenkleding van Husky:

MaatLengteBorstomvang (A)Tailleomtrek (B)Heupomtrek (C)
S 175 - 179 89 - 95 75 - 81 88 - 94
M 179 - 183 95 - 101 81 - 87 94 - 100
L 183 - 187 101 -107 87 - 93 100 - 106
XL 187 - 191 107 - 113 93 - 99 106 - 112
XXL 191 - 195 113 - 119 99 - 105 112 - 118

Onderstaand de productafmetingen voor de bovenkleding van Husky:

Altijd meten op een vlakke ondergrond (bijvoorbeeld op een tafel).

MaatBorst 1/2 (A)Onderkant 1/2 (B)Ruglengte (C)Lengte van de mouw (D)
S 48 45 67,5 63,5
M 51 48 69,5 65,5
L 54 51 71,5 67,5
XL 57 54 73,5 69,5
XXL 60 57 74,5 70,5


How to Take Clothing Measurements

  1. Get a flexible measuring tape. These are often sold in craft stores
  2. Neck:
    • Measure around the base of the neck in inches.
    • Round up to the nearest half inch.
  3. Chest:
    • Wrap tape measure under armpits around fullest part of chest (usually right above nipples
  4. Sleeve:
    • Bend your elbow and rest your hand on your hip.
    • Have someone measure from the middle of the back of your neck to your wrist by putting the tape measure over your shoulder, around your elbow and to your wrist.
  5. Waist:
    • Wrap tape measure around where you normally wear your pants. Keep tape measure a little loose by keeping a finger between the tape measure and your waist.
  6. Inseam:
    • Put on a pair of shoes.Have someone measure from your crotch to back of the heel, where you want your pants to end.
  7. Hands:
    • Measure around the hand at the fullest part (exclude thumb). The number of centimeters shows the size of the glove.

The optimal size is the size of the clothes. This is not the lower limit, but the optimal size, it can differ from the actual size due to the use of different substances that provide specific properties.

The limit value is the upper limit of the width for a particular part of a body part to use that size.


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The Husky t-shirt Telly M men's functional Cooldry is a very cool shirt with a round neck on hot days, to wear but also very suitable for during exercise.

The used material is of 90% polyester with 10% spandex ensures that the body temperature control. By the use of these materials allows for breathability. The seams of the t-shirt are flat stitched that lets you avoid that this is going to chafe on your skin. In the substance is a clear structure visible that the fabric moisture can enter.

This t-shirt is both for recreational purposes and for sporting purposes.

To ensure the sustainability of sportswear and technical clothing to keep these well maintained. Use no fabric softeners, bleaches or other harsh products in any way. We recommend for the various fabrics, special detergents and impregnating agents to use that are designed for the substance. Washing is always at the minimum temperature or manually.

Please note that clothes should be fitted but not worn. Items that have been worn, we can't take it back!

Maattabel T-shirt Heren Husky


Data sheet

Light blue
90% polyester and 10% spandex/elastane
150 grams
30 x 24 x 2 cm (packed)
Other options
Cooldry, V-neck
Package Contents
Husky t-shirt Telly L for ladies functional Cooldry - Light Blue

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