Sandals hot or not!

To be honest, Sandals has long been a no-go to us. Because who wears these now? Our supplier has been trying for years, really Elmi, they sell, they are popular! I didn't believe him very much, but well, wisdom comes with age, and so does the turnaround for selling sandals. From this month we will also have sandals in our assortment. And to be honest, they are also pretty! Beautiful and beautiful quality from the strong brand Source. Source is not unknown to us and we know that they deliver quality, so with the sandals that is also good!

We chose 2 models for gentlemen and 2 models for ladies.

Personally I think the models look tough and can imagine a man hopping over the Greek islands with his backpack on these lovely sandals. Beautiful, practical and also well formed so no painful and tired feet. The same goes for the ladies of course!

Yeah, I'm on. In the summer walk outside with cool feet that are not stuck in a warm shoe. And beyond that, time will tell!

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