Return, exchange or cancel


Buying Online is always different than something to hold in the store, there a moment to view and then purchase. If something is not to be expected you may come to us within 30 days always exchange or cancel. Within the Netherlands and from Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg, you can FREE return shipping. For other countries we charge a small contribution in the costs for the return.


If you want a product exchange or return please verify that your package meets the following points. You must keep in mind that this article is again just like a physical store on the shelf should be able to make another customer happy. In case of cancellation, we will ensure after the settlement of our retourafdeling that the purchase amount as soon as possible (within 14 days) to your account.

Terms and conditions return

1. You sign the item within 30 days after receipt to return, and ensures that the item within 14 days and then at us.
2. The article, the packaging, accessories, and books are new, undamaged and complete.
3. Clothing, socks and shoes are not worn and the label is still there.

You do not meet these conditions?

At most stores, return now not possible, but we would still like to help. We had love this product to another customer, but because now there is damage, incomplete or missing parts, we will face costs or in the extreme case, the article to be a trader should sell. This cost we will have to pass. Takes into account the following:

Missing accessories: Depending on the number and the cost of the accessories, but about 15% of your purchase price will in
be deducted.

Outside the return limit sign/returns: We can not withdraw more because the message is too late.

Damaged packaging: The article is now difficult as new to sell. You would not love to receive a defective packaging
to receive. Sometimes we have extra packing materials to solve this problem, but items that are sealed
we are often not neatly packed. Here can be between 10% - 25% to the costs deducted
be brought.

Very light scratches: The article is now no longer as new to sell. You would not love to receive an article with
scratches to received. Here can be around 25% in costs in
be deducted.

Obvious damages: The article is now not to sell more. Here will be around 50% to the costs deducted. Or
in the most extreme case, absolutely no benefit.

Retouren ok of niet

What do you do for a return?

1. Send us an email with what you want to return, preferably with a reason, because of quality purposes, and for clarification of our product descriptions. You
will receive from us if you are within the 14 days after receiving the notification to do a free return label.
2. Extract the article well, so that the road can not damage.
3. Just paste the provided label on the box
4. Deliver the package at the nearest post office. Here, you don't have to pay and you will receive a receipt that you have

Retour hoe?

What happens next?

If we return the package to receive our retourafdeling the article and the packaging to check. If everything is in order, as mentioned above, you will receive the purchase amount back as soon as possible (within 14 days). If there is something wrong with the return we will notify and, if necessary, inquire about any costs.

Please NOTE: if you your article via or Amazon or any other marketplace has purchased should you the article
through that
area to return and report. This is because the payment is also via the various marketplaces expires.