Extend the life of your holiday gear!

Don't know how to clean up your things after the holidays? Then here is the solution! I give you tips on how to store your sleeping bag or tent, for example, so that they still have the same quality between the holidays. Of course, you don't want to have to throw away your sleeping bag after having a wonderful vacation, because it no longer works so well and you put it away the wrong way.  

Sleeping bag storage

You slept well in your warm sleeping bag, but now the holidays are over and you need to put away your sleeping bag. But how do you do that in the best way? Below you can see how!
First, get your sleeping bag out of the small compression bag. This ensures that your sleeping bag can ‘breathe’a little again. After that, check carefully whether your sleeping bag is completely dry. If this is not the case, mold can develop and of course you want to prevent that. Now you don't put your sleeping bag back in that handy little compression bag, but in a larger bag made of a breathable fabric, such as cotton or gauze. Finally, store it in a cool and dry place.

Extend sleeping mat life

How to make sure that you can enjoy a nice lying down even more in the next holiday sleeping?
Before you can store your sleeping mat, you must first clean it and let it dry. When your sleeping mat is dried, it is best to store it rolled open and inflated. So not empty and in the sleeve. This is better, because in your sleeping mat there is a foamy layer. When you roll up your sleeping mat, this layer compresses and when you roll it out again, it relaxes again. If you do this too often, it can cause the foam layer to no longer relax properly and then you can no longer sleep well after a nice holiday. So it is best to store your sleeping mat in a dry place, rolled out and with the valve cap open, so that any moisture can escape. For example, under your bed or behind a door.

Clean and dry storage

You too tent needs a place, but how do you do it best? First, make sure your tent is dry. Is there still sand in your tent? Or are there stains on it? Then you can clean this with a soft brush. If there are still stains in or on your tent afterwards, it is best to clean it with water and a soft brush. Try cleaning it first without detergent, because if you do use a detergent, it can make your tent less water resistant.
Lubricate the steel poles of your tent with petroleum jelly, so they are less likely to rust. Tie these together and put them in a storage bag so you don't lose them. Finally, roll up your tent and put it in the supplied cover. After that, put it in a dry place.

Keep your Backpack flat

It is best to empty your backpack completely first. Then clean it and lay it flat in a dry place.

Now you can store your things well after the holidays and enjoy them again when the time comes!

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