Cycling in winter? Are you going or not?

Some people will not think of it as one two three, but also in winter you can go outside to get on your (race)bike and pedal a lap. Also for the winter there are very suitable products to keep you warm during your ride. Believe me, I experienced it myself. With 6 degrees above zero I thought I had enough of my fingerless gloves of Loeffler. Error thanks! After 2 kilometers on the counter, my hands were so cold that they hurt. I didn't want to, but I turned around and cycled home. At that time I did not have gloves with fingers, so unfortunately cycling was not possible. To prevent you from making the same mistake: here you will find the right gloves!

In addition to a good pair of windproof gloves, you also have many other clothes and accessories that can ensure that you can continue to carry out your hobby in the winter. Dress in layers, choose a cycling shirt with long sleeves and a jacket or bodywarmer over it. Don't forget your galoshes and pull a cycling shorts or bibtight specially made for the winter. This is often slightly thicker because the material used is warmer.

Who's doing you what? Just pull out nicely, but make sure you don't get cold! Of course you choose a color that stands out, because you want to be safe on the street, especially at this time when the weather is dark early and during the day also regularly Gray and gray.

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