Camping at the campsite: what to take with you?

Whether it's your first time camping at the campsite or you've been doing it for years, every time you have to go through your equipment to see if you have everything with you. Camping at a campsite is a wonderful way to escape from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy nature and the people around you. Everyone is wonderfully relaxed and enjoying together is even more pleasant.

Below we have made a short list to not forget anything for your camping adventure:

Basic equipment: One tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat or air mattress and a pillow

Cooking and eating supplies: Cooker, cookware, cutlery and food storage

Clothing: Weatherproof clothing, shoes, swimwear, cap or sunglasses

Hygiene and care: Toilet articles, towels, first aid kit and sunscreen and bug spray

Camping furniture: Camping chairs and table, Lantern and flashlight, cooler

Entertainment and extras: Books, magazines and / or an e-reader, games, binoculars, camera

Other supplies: Multitool or pocket knife, duct tape, rope or rope, map and compass (or GPS)

Make a list of what you need and cross out what you already have ready (put it together or you will forget something). This allows you to keep a list of what you still need to arrange before you leave.

Use bags or storage boxes to keep everything together so that you can put it in place at the location. Everything remains clear and with this you can find everything again.

Roll up your clothes, this will save space in your bag or suitcase. And always keep your important things close at hand (first aid kit, flashlight and raincoat should always be easy to grab). By preparing well, you can enjoy your holiday to the fullest. So quickly but carefully pack your things and head out for a new unforgettable outdoor adventure.

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