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Last week we were able to see a lot of beautiful things and news in the showroom of our supplier for the brands Löffler and Ivanhoe of Sweden. I keep finding it special that at a time like this you are already figuring it out for next year's winter. How that goes with taste and trends I continue to find special. My husband experienced the clothing business up close at the beginning of his career, so he is much more at home there than I am, with my Tourism Management Education. One of those is the world of clothing. But it really works (so).

Well, seen a lot of beautiful things. The workbook of Löffler the theme is”reduce, renew, recycle". Now they have always been a topper in the field of sustainability and environmental awareness and also communicatively strong about this. To see it on the workbook like this gives an extra boost to invest in the brand. Looking forward to winter next year ;)

Yes, and Ivanhoe. If there has to be a brand that stands for sustainable fashion, it has to be Ivanhoe of Sweden be. It's not just about the choice of material (but how eco-friendly do you want wool to be?) but also to which other parties do you work with to get your product produced? How do they stand for sustainability and Where are they located? That is why their products are made in their own factory or with partners within Europe. Thus, the ecological footprint is limited.

So go for quality instead of quantity this winter! With Löffler for your more sporty activities and Ivanhoe for your outdoor activities, you are completely comfortable and warm in winter!

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