Hannah Outdoor with New down sleeping bags

Ok now you're going to say this should have been from winter because then I was cold...but I can tell you that a down sleeping bag can also be nice in summer.

And also in summer people go to cold places, and then you need a good down sleeping bag, so that's why we use these sleeping bags from Hannah they also came to us.

They are fairly safe colors that Hannah has worked with, because blue and gray do everyone a favor. The sleeping bagsare supplied in various lengths and with different possibilities in terms of temperature.

For example, there is the Loft 250 with a temperature between 9 and -5 °C up to the Polar from -35 to -7°C. So if you know what you are going to do and under what temperatures you are going to sleep, you can get a lot further with these range sleeping bags than most other sleeping bags.

One of the big advantages of Down Sleeping Bags is the weight, if you calculate that the Polar weighs 1235 grams you will never get that with a sleeping bag with a different filling. Also the pack size of 28 x 25 x 25 cm is still fine to take on your back.

And we know that the price is a lot higher than most sleeping bags, but sleeping bags with real feathers are a lot more expensive in price than the synthetic fibers used in other sleeping bags.

Outlook here the new sleeping bags from Hannah Outdoor.

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