Dowabo-the Coke bottle shape in a thermos or drinking bottle

Something new came our way again! And as with many things, after doing some considerations we decided to jump into the deep end so to speak and ... the brand Dowabo now shines on our brand page. Dowabo. What is that, anyway?

Dowabo stands for a series of drinking bottles made of precious metal, practical and above all aesthetically designed, single or double-walled. To keep your drink warm for 12 hours or cold for 24 hours. 100% leak-free and no nasty aftertaste! Thermos bottles have the name to keep your drink warm, but cold is of course just as important in the summer!

To be honest, at first you think, there are already so many thermos on the market, what makes these so special. But if even your (critical) teenage daughter says after unpacking: I want one of those too. Then you know you have something special in your hands. I have to say, the bottle is easy to handle, kind of like a Coke bottle. The closure looks robust and yes, I think this is a bottle that can go in your bag and you can trust that nothing will leak and that your (school)stuff will stay dry! That the brand is 100% sure that even a carbonated drink keeps the bottle 100% closed and thus also the taste and tingling is preserved, says something about the quality. German inventiveness and solidity. All in all a beautiful product.

Buy your beautifully designed and practical thermos, yes which can also be used to keep your drink cool, here.

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