Everything reopens after corona, so that means visiting beautiful places again!

When I heard that everything opened again, I immediately thought of the beautiful countries and places that we can visit. Just like you, probably. Of course you want to make a good start, I can help you with that.

To start well, we obviously have new beautiful hiking shoes need. If you are going to walk through the polder, you could put on low or high shoes, but if you are going to walk through the mountains, you really need high ones. This high hiking shoes make sure you don't put your toes in the front of your shoe when you walk down.

If you go for a walk, you should dress warmly at this time of year. For this we have beautiful men's wool sweaters and ladies. These sweaters and cardigans made of wool keep you warm well, but of course you also need a good jacket. For this we have beautiful winter coats from Highlander. Is it going to rain? You will need a poncho to keep your clothes dry. A poncho is packed small, so does not take up so much space. Another advantage; your bag also stays dry, because it fits underneath.

If you go backpacking abroad, you have a good backpack need. Think carefully about where you are going, do you have a lot of luggage or, conversely, not so much? Also think of a tent that is not too heavy. This way you can sleep comfortably, but you don't have to carry such a heavy tent during the day. To keep you warm at night, it is also useful to mummy sleeping bag with you. This is all around you and there is no unnecessary air between them. This insulates well and keeps you warm when you sleep.

Proper hydration is also important! In winter, a thermos is useful, because these also keep your hot drink warm for a little longer. A thermos bottle can also keep your drink cold when you go out into the sun. Or a water bag if you choose a city trip.

Do you want to get off to a good start like me? Then take a look at our website for this basic stuff and go out, enjoy, because we are allowed again!

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