Crua Outdoors, even in winter you can camp

It says so beautiful above our blog page, what's new?

Well what's new is the brand Search Results. Because our goal is and remains, to innovate and also to sort out just that for the store that another does not (yet) have or that is just different from usual. We like "separate" things so to speak.

One of our agents tipped us about the Crua Outdoors brand. A brand created by the ideas of one camper. Because why are tents always so cold or hot, light on the inside and why do you not have peace of ambient noise? These questions became the starting point for the founder of Crua Outdoors in his search for the perfect tent. Because every camper indicates that a good night's sleep is actually the most important thing of a successful camping trip!

Crua Outdoors has developed a tent with which you can camp even in winter, a kind of inner tent where you can warm (!) which is obscuring, so you are not kept out of sleep by light from outside. And that insulated inner tent is the first “other” “exclusive” that you don't see anywhere that appealed to us to include the brand in our range.
The second is the modular system, the combinations you can make with the tents! Have you ever seen a tent that has so many possibilities for expansion? You start your tent adventure with the two of you and over time someone might join you, what is super handy to expand your nice tent with an extra dome or tunnel so that you can go out with more people but do not have to buy a new tent immediately. Or when you go out one time with more people and the other time with a smaller group, you take the parts you need and leave the rest at home. A great concept if you ask us!

So we think with Search Results to have found something unique and beautiful in our store. We look forward to your experiences with these unique tents!

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