And we have new stock of Crua again.

Last week we finally Crua can be filled again. A brand that is a super nice addition to our range. In the adventurous world of us Outdoor people, there is always a search for innovation and comfort. The Crua Culla that we have now also taken in stock in the 2-person version is a good example of this.

It remains a separate tent to see but certainly very innovative and progressive. For you, it's like a sleeping bag that you put on/hang up. But now with the renewed Crua Culla you even have a window at your disposal.

With this special inner tent you just have the perfect insulation even during cold temperatures. This much thicker layer compared to a normal inner tent also provides much more sound insulation. The canvas of the Crua Culla is designed to muffle ambient sounds so that people who wake up from everything or cannot sleep because of it can also enjoy free life once a night in a tent.

Of course, I know better than anyone that it is a pretty expensive tent, but the comfort against it is certainly more than worth it. Keep in mind that this is not a tent to go backpacking because the inner tent weighs about 10 kilos, so this is more of a tent for when you go camping somewhere by car.

Due to the use of sustainable materials, the tent is intended to go out and experience beautiful adventures with it. Actually, you just have a luxury sleeping cabin at your disposal with this unique Crua Culla.

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