Let the summer come, we are ready! Loefler and Ivanhoe summer collections.

It's great when you get the new summer collections back in the first months of the year. Then you get that feeling of wonderful summer evenings again, enjoying the sun. Wonderful cycling in the area, in the evening the BBQ with friends etc.

Over the past few weeks, we have been wearing cycling gear. Loefler got in. Wonderful cycling vests without sleeves to keep you warm when it's just a little colder. Very small to store which makes them easy to take on the bike. The t-shirts in the new designs and the new cycling shorts have also arrived. Both with and without suspenders, so something for everyone. Also a number of shirts without sleeves that you can go cycling with during the warm summer evenings.

Also very cool is the special pants for engraving which is increasingly on the rise. Cycling is something in between cycling and mountain biking.

Also for Ivanhoe of Sweden most of it is inside for the summer. Many T-shirts for both women and men in merino wool with new prints and beautiful colors. Also very nice is that the prints are mostly based on the outdoors that we all love. A polo shirt in the color Electric Blue for men and purple for women has also been added to the range. And for the colder moments, a wonderfully warm vest for both men and women.

In short, beautiful new collections for the coming warmer period.

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