Review: A week in the Snug Bud

Well, okay, more like 2 ; )

The Snug Buds arrived on the scene at exactly the right time. If you like ice cold, hands behind my laptop, and the driver rings the doorbell, and you know that he's the new items that will bring you to that moment in time, would like to use, then the temptation is hard to resist, for there is not one right out of the box, and put it into use.

After checking that everything is correct and in the right numbers come up, I have, but it's not-it has the feeling of frozen hands), put it to the test and taken a look at how some Snug This works.

It should come as no surprise that it is actually very simple, is to boil the water, fill the jar with the pan of water up to 2/3, hold the bottle at a slight angle so that excess air can escape and the water to the rim, then rotate the cover back on, insert the hot water bottle in the Snug This (I opted for the swiss version of it) and it's ready to go. In his version, you have to take a little bit, keep in mind that the “fur” is not between the zipper zips, it's a bit of a nuisance. All other versions will not have this problem because they are another layer of.

The adjustable shoulder strap is Snug, Bud, junior (1 litre) and suitable for both children and adults, the operation is very simple and easy.

The rest of the afternoon, it moved to the Snug Bud from the stomach to the back, and back, and were able to get my hands, or sit in the kind of a sleeve to the hot water bottle to warm it up. This is ideal. After 5 hours of use, the jug is still hot. Then they had food to cook, and I got him done.

Because he has to go is, all you have is the thing is not to hold on to, and you can go wherever you want to go.

And we want to do this, we are happy to the weekend, we went on to geocaching, our goal was to make it this year, at least 366 is to be found, so that we average out to 1 per day by the year 2020. That's how it is! But then, Snug the Bud, because it wasn't very hot or anything like that.

During the walk the children enjoyed the Snug the Bud, the thing is, it was taken up, however, the strap was repeatedly amazed by the largest to the smallest, and after a little more than 4.5 hours of use, the jar is still hot. Of course, not to hot, but still warm in your hands to heat it up.

Snug the Bud, they claim, is the jar for 5 to 6 hours, and that's, I think. To the extreme, I have not yet tried them...because, of course, as long as we have not yet had the need.

The Snug This vest is available in two sizes, Classic, 2-liter, Junior, 1-gallon. Although the title of “junior,” has been given, can also be a (probably small) adult is there, it works fine, as I have, for example ; )

All in all, a fun, is now open on that, especially in winter, will come in handy when you have to go outside to get a breath of fresh air, or if you're just sitting on the couch, and that is what the heat need. Here it is, in any event, it will be a success!

The principle of the old water bottle, with a modern twist, and with a lot of ease-of-use!

As I later told my husband and children, said: "the Snug This is my new best friend : )

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