The much-sold Bivi tent of Defcon 5 is now also available as a Double Bivi tent

This Double Bivi of Defcon 5 it was on our wish list for a while. We already saw at an early stage that this would come on the market, so after a long wait we now have it in our house!

Enjoy the two of you on the road, but in the evening in your own Bivient crawling is now over, we now have a Double bivi tent that can accommodate two adults. Of course you don't have as much space as in a tent, but you can lie comfortably together in the bivi. And that with a weight of 2.3 kg, most double tents go over that.

The Bivi is 230x 135-100 x 58 cm, so it will not be standing. But when you are on a trek you want to banjeren through nature after a day you only want one thing and that is to sleep well and the next day to continue.

Outlook here for the full specifications of the Double Bivi tent.

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