Sleeping together on a sleeping mat: the Hannah Double 5.0

Who doesn't know, you are on a wonderful hiking holiday with your partner and in the evening you lie comfortably in your tent. But both on a separate mat, so lying together without one of the two lying on the floor next to his mat is not there.

There is Hannah a solution for: the Double 5.0. A self-inflatable sleeping mat for 2 people. The mat is on the big side for when you really go out with a backpack, and certainly the weight of over 4 kilos is on the heavy side. But if you are on a campsite and plan day trips from there, this is the perfect solution.

The mat is 198 x 130 x 5 cm, so it is nice and cozy to sleep together, but yes that is also part of camping. You don't understand sleeping in a king-size bed where you don't see each other all night. With the 5 cm you also have a perfect insulation layer to be able to sleep wonderfully without having to suffer from cold from the floor.

Outlook here further for all specifications.

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