SirJoseph Rimo in all colours, shapes and sizes

Last week we presented our range of SirJoseph considerably expanded and then this time not all different sleeping bags, but just a good model and those in the various sizes and colors.

The Rimo II and Rimo III is a 3-Season sleeping bag with a range of -1°C up to -22 °C. The sleeping bags are filled with Down which raises the quality of the sleeping bag a lot. (The price goes up too, of course, but you get something for that). A super lightweight sleeping bag for maximum performance. Great for your backpack to take with you.

By offering the different lengths, we can deliver a sleeping bag for everyone. The 170 version especially for the ladies and the 190 and 200 version for the men and the taller ladies. You don't want to keep falling down in your oversized sleeping bag. Also the various colors make it very nice sleeping bags, how about red or yellow?

Outlook here choose the version and color that suits you best.

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