A new brand in the shop, Sir Joseph,

It was in between, and although the appointment is new it is not on a journey, may be, we wanted to make it a brand not to miss. A down-filled sleeping bags is really top of the bill, and if you get a new sleeping bag, especially the light weight appeals to us as a backpacker too.

Sir Joseph, was created by Josef Rakoncaj, in the Himalayas, in 1977. He has all of his experience with the expeditions of the current articles will be stopped. At first, he made all for himself, then for friends, and so it is with the current company, it evolved into what it is now.

As I am every week with my daughter to go rock climbing and, of course, the quality of the materials and said, " this brand takes us back to, in order to include them in our range of products. The price is usually quite a bit higher than the other bags, but with a down-filled sleeping bag, also known as a really make a difference with the materials used.

Sir Joseph has, in addition to the us, selling sleeping bags, more sleeping bags, and a variety of clothing for when you are high up in the mountains, but now, with all of the measures, we have not done.

In the company of Sir Joseph's is one of the leading companies in the manufacture of feather and down especially for the forwarding business. Also, it's interesting to know that the name arose at a restaurant at the bottom of the Himalayan mountains, where a local chef will always have a hand written piece of paper, on each plate, with the name on it, and for whom the board was appointed: - Sir Peter, Sir, Jire, Sir Joseph, etc.).

In the store, this time we opted for an extension to our bivi's. Sir Joseph gives a small bivizak so you will be dry to go to sleep. And, of course, will be the lightest sleeping bag out of the range of 320 grams, if you have, you want nothing else. Or is the "Double Attack II, in the summer, you and your partner can divide it by two slaapzaken to make it in the winter as well as a single sleeping bag that can be used for all of the cold outside.

Really cool stuff for the die-hard fans of high-quality, lightweight gear. Now we hope to get back on the path!

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