Pathfinder by the Famous Dave Canterbury

Recently we received a new brand: Pathfinder. Very nice about this brand is that Dave Canterbury from Dicovery Channel and National Geographic has participated in shows like Dual Survival.

Dave's father was a real adventurer. When Dave got older, he took him on an adventure. That's how Dave got his love of nature. Dave's stepfather liked to hunt and fish. Dave was also allowed to go. That's how he learned the best tips about survival in nature.

Pathfinder was created by Dave Canterbury. Dave has almost 40 years of experience and always had a passion for survival in nature. He taught, wrote guides and made educational videos. He's done a lot of tv shows, showing survival tips. Dave always loved teaching the basics of survival, so he opened the Pathfinder School in Ohio. He has released his own line following this school.

We have chosen the articles: Pathfinder cooking system drinking bottle and Pathfinder cooking system campfire. The Pathfinder articles we have selected are cooking sets. You can easily cook with it outside if you are hiking or backpacking. The cooking sets have a Molle system. This way you can easily carry them with you.

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