Overshoes what do you do with them now? - Loffler cycling overshoes

That's a question we always asked ourselves when we saw them hanging when we went to see new collections. Until you go cycling yourself in the colder periods and find out that that is very tasty.... Therefore, a shoe of Loeffer now available to us.

Because cold feet while cycling certainly does not make it any more fun. The thinner waterproof overshoes are really for during the rain, but we love warm feet while cycling and have therefore also bought a shoe in the store with neoprene which can keep your feet warm in the winter period. Also, these types of overshoes are used to be extra aerodynamic, but I will definitely not use them for that....we're going fast, but not so fast.

So if you go into the cold or go cycling with wet periods, you can also buy a overshoe from us. Look further here for the Sundanese from Loffler.

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