Need a new pair of shoes - Dragontail New vs Old

Well, I really walk on my Garmont Dragontail LT WMS weather and wind, through forests and sand plains, through polders and mud pools and so also just daily on the street, my shoes run through it fantastic, but after almost 2 years it was “unfortunately” time to pick out a new pair of shoes. Not that they are not enough anymore, but I have a cut somewhere on the side of the sole and on the inside at the heel a piece of fabric has been released by the many pulling on and off. They still run well, function well, but sometimes the eye wants something new.

And unfortunately I put in quotes, because it's always a party for me to pick out a pair of shoes. What woman doesn't like that?

Well, the choice stood out – it can hardly be otherwise – a new pair Garmont Dragontails. Because this shoe is perfect for me! I always have to buy a size bigger than my normal size, because they fall small. And narrow.

This time I chose the Garmont Dragontail WMS in the color Blue Sky. To be honest, the shoe is a bit bluer than expected, but for me no reason not to put them on. The appearance has also changed slightly compared to my earlier Dragontail WMS shoes. The sole is a bit thicker and when I walk on it, it feels a bit lighter, as if there is more suspension in the sole. Another profile was also used. Would this prevent me from taking half a forest home? As was the case with my previous pair on a regular basis? There's a shoe brush next door for a reason. …

Normally for me it is to get in and go with this make and model. But this time I have the feeling that I have to walk in the shoes because I feel a bit different pressure points than with my old shoes. So my feet have to get used to.

All in all I look forward to many kilometers of hiking pleasure. I will keep you informed if I have made the right choice again!

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