Sir Joseph new sleeping bags inside and replenishing stock

Last week we received the order from SirJoseph that we had already ordered last year.

For example, we expanded Minimis with a 190 cm model, here we already had the 170 cm for women and the 200 cm for men. This remains just a super cool model, enormously compact and super light. Of course I know that the price is a bit higher than an average sleeping bag, but you also get a down sleeping bag for that. If you want to travel light and compact and still want to sleep comfortably, this is really a sleeping bag for you! The perfect balance between compactness and insulation.

The SirJoseph bivi F1 is also back in stock, this is a very special bivouac. Especially for climbers who, for example, want to take a compact tent with them to be able to sleep against the wall of the mountain. I continue to find this a cool concept, know that this would not apply to everyone but a real nice addition to our range!

Then it is also very nice to explain the Koteka, a 3 Season sleeping bag in a beautiful bright blue color. Also nice with Down and available in sizes 170 and 200. The 170 is more for the ladies among our adventurers.

And finally we got the K4 2p a bivouac bag for two people, we already had this from the Defcon collection, but now also with the SirJoseph collection.

Outlook here further for these cool additions of Sirjoseph.

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