Loefler new collection winter 2023-2024-sustainable with Retr'x

Yes, and then you come back from vacation and then the first boxes of winter clothes are already waiting for you to unpack again. Nobody wants to think about winter already, but yes it can be inside again. For Loeffler this year we really put our focus on the items that run fast, long cycling pants, a brightly colored vest to be easily visible in the dark, gloves against the cold etc.

What is completely new in our range is the Loeffler underwear and in this case the whole new series of the Retr'x that go a lot further with both performance and durability. This is functional underwear made from recycled polypropylene. With this line, Loeffler has become the ISPO 2022 Award winner in 2022. In addition, this clothing is ‘Made in Green by Oeko-Tex® certified.

This series is clothing with very functional properties, the light fibers themselves do not absorb liquid, but quickly pass it on, which is perfect for endurance sports. For the heat insulation and soft wearing comfort, RECOT2 is used, a premium yarn made of 25% recycled cotton and 75% GOTS certified organic cotton. This is therefore not painted or bleached with which it achieves the Oeko-tex certification. This saves 5000 liters of water in the production of 1 kg of yarn.

A lot of technical information, but when you see how durable this is made, you want to get on your bike and ride the road through nature. Outlook here for the Retr'x articles of Loefller.

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