Turbat-made by travellers-for travellers

What a cool slogan of Turbat, our new brand from Ukraine. What better way to renew and expand your brand than by getting the information from the people closest to the fire ‘we outdoorsmen’.

Turbat stands for a brand with clothes, sleeping bags and tents that are invented and made by people who travel a lot and therefore know what works and what doesn't. It should be as it really is, not with a nice sunny sauce over it but just pure.

During your travels it is sometimes wet, dirty, too hot or too big to be able to travel around and see everything. But despite this, it is always exciting, new and impressive. Maybe not always as we see on Insta, the weather didn't suit or everything didn't go according to plan, but that's part of traveling. Spontaneous moments, incomprehensible moments, unpredictable and yet wonderful enjoyment of all the beauty that you can come across in the world.

The tents and sleeping bags that we have in stock are really a print of it if you can call it that. Something for everyone, if you have a big budget you can choose the cool down sleeping bags like the top model the Ultar which was an ISPO Award winner in 2022. But even if your budget is smaller, the Traveler is thought of. Then you choose a synthetic sleeping bag.

Also at the tents there is something for everyone so that everyone can enjoy their trip on their terms and budget. Extremely light tents like the Shanta Pro 2 with just 2kg make the price higher, but if you are going to move from a place you can do just fine with a cheaper tent.

Complete your gear with this cool brand or are you just curious? Outlook here for the Turbat collection within our store.

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