Are you already looking forward to New Adventures in your vacation?

I have a tip for you here, if you go backpacking: the Hannah Wanderer.

In my opinion, a wonderful all-rounder that you can use very well in various activities. Literally ;)

What I personally find really ideal about this backpack is that the back is adjustable. I am a bit smaller and my proportions are slightly different than average, but due to the fact that the back of this backpack (just like for example the Husky expedition Samont and the Husky Ribon) can be adjusted to my height, is really an advantage for me. Put him on hold with me for a short time, you say. With this, the bag does not hang over my hips, but as best is, eróp. When your backpack hangs too low, you pick up all the weight with your shoulders and believe me, you don't want that when you go on a long trip!

The Wanderer has two compartments, which makes your search for a new pair of socks a lot smaller, because you can optimize the perfect layout of your bag even more without having to throw out half the contents of your bag to get to that pair of socks. The more often you go out with your bag, the more convenient you will be in this! It also helps that there are many extra pockets, pockets and loops on the backpack. I love that! In my daily backpack, The Source Summit 15 liters – unfortunately not in our range -  I also like the fact that I only have to reach back with my arm and can immediately pull my shopping bag out of the flexible side pocket. Or my water bottle. Stopping back is often a bit more difficult ;)

For a comfortable hike (or day trip), it is extremely important to pay close attention to how your backpack fits.  The basis for this really lies with the back pledge. This gives firmness and provides a distribution of weight, so that you do not have the feeling of walking around with a bunch of boulders on your back. Of course, ventilation is also very important with a back brace, the better the ventilation is arranged, the more comfortable and the less sweat.

The ventilation of the Wanderer is regulated by providing the foam with openings and stretching a mesh over them. So you don't have a large sticking surface on your back with this backpack. Very nice. The shoulder straps also feel comfortable.

My conclusion is that with this backpack full of possibilities you have a nice companion on a trip.

Below is another video about the Hannah Wanderer.

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