The new winter collection 21/22 from Loeffler with cycling clothing is in!

After our holiday the first box was waiting for us. And in the first week after that part of the new winter collection of Loeffler. Always nice to be one of the first to admire the new collection in real life. And especially if you are a cycling enthusiast you will immediately see new clothes that you want to wear yourself again. But first we have to work because all our customers also want to see the new collection.

So quickly get started to get everything back online so that you can also look into it. We haven't got everything in yet, but we don't want to keep you in suspense any longer. This time we have both men's and women's pants with chamois in the long pants version so that you can continue cycling in the winter and also a nice one is the new special MTB pants for the winter.

Also very cool in this collection is the cycling jacket with zip-off sleeves and then a nice bright color so that you are clearly visible on the road especially in the dark months that are coming again. The new San Remo version 2, the improved version on a jack which was already top notch.

And since this year we have also included windproof gloves in the range. Nice and warm hands with Gore-Tex gloves that feel nice and soft. With this you are ready to go out again even during the colder moments.

Finally of course the new long sleeve shirts to finish everything. Cool colors and prints with which you can come out again.

Outlook here quick on to the new items from Loeffler!

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