New collection from Lifestraw: innovative water filtration for adventurers

Last week we received the new water bottles and gravity filters from Lifestraw. We have been selling many filters, water bottles and water bags with filters from Lifestraw for many years, so we were very curious about the new designs of the bottles.

Lifestraw the technology of portable water filtration has been known to us for many years. But whether you're a seasoned adventurer venturing into the wilderness or a world traveler looking for safe drinking water, the new collection is designed to have the right filter or water bottle with filter for everyone and for every adventure.

You can't miss the fact that it's a new collection because every filter, every bottle and every water bag has simply been replaced by a new one. Among the water bottles, the renewed cap is the first to stand out. No more flipping the drinking Section open, but just cap it off and drink.

The renewed water bags have also really kept up with the times in terms of design. The possibilities to filter more water and still remain portable are also great solutions to go on the road.

All new items from Lifestraw look durable again and made of high-quality materials so that they can last a long time.

So if you are looking for a new filter or a new water bottle with filter I would definitely recommend the filters from Lifestraw. Another fun fact of this brand is the ‘Follow the Liters’ program where for each product sold a child in need receives clean drinking water for a year. Another plus is to buy a Lifestraw filter. Outlook here go to the new collection.

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