How cool is this: “Lifestraw is back in the line

In fact from the very beginning of the existence of the CheapOutdoor we supply all of the water from the Lifestraw. Be sure, also keeping in mind that with every purchase of a child for a year, helping to clean, safe drinking water.

Now, it was last year, at the beginning of the coronacrisis our local supplier in my country stopped the delivery of the Lifestraw's, and own import of it was not really an option, so we decided to put the Lifestraw slowly out of the range to be removed. Up until a couple of weeks ago, we were with a different supplier of a complete range of Lifestraw online, saw it coming, at a time when the a button again to get it back.

The trademark Lifestraw is established in 1994 which Vestegaard started with a global war against the disease, especially among vulnerable groups of the population. At the end of 1994, it started as a simple gaasfilter to the Guinea worms from drinking water to remove it. In 1999, it expanded into the plastic tubes in which the larvae of these Guinea-worm, out again, and the disease can be prevented. As a result, in 2005, the award-winning, portable, Lifestraw personal water filter is that dirty water into clean drinking water.

This will be expanded in 2008, with the Lifestraw Family, which are in the developing countries is put in place to bring these people clean water, to be able to provide. Over the years, and then the program will be bigger and bigger and more and more people are making use of safe drinking water.

Vestergaard and Lifestraw for humanitarian entrepreneurship, making it possible to do well it is to do business. They produce ground-breaking products and solutions for disadvantaged young people.

And, yes, we want to be as a company and also be a part of it. For every Lifestraw product that is being sold, a child in a school for a long time, healthy drinking water.

At this point, we have created the Lifestraw, Flex, Universal, and a 1-liter water bottle in the stock, and, in the future, we are going to expand. We are hoping that people will soon be on vacation, may order such bottles are to be able to use it for what they are meant to be.

Check here soon for our brand new Lifestraw product range.

And it was a nice bit of news from last week is that we are now to be found on the

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