Loefller means of 2020 has arrived!

And, yes, that was, once again, you have been asked for a collection to pick up for a year or half a year, and we were often the only direct supplies, but this time around we have some new collections on the voororder to be placed.

If you're at all excited about the new things that are to come, but you really have no one to share, because you don't have anything in your hands. And, from previous experience, also found that items which have to be ordered from the collection will be taken, so what are you people happy with a dead sparrow.

However, we do have all the stuff that we ordered and received. A long-sleeved shirt with a techfleece as a layer to wear what you're comfortable and warm while in the cold winter's day, when you go out. And, in spite of all the rules, we have found out a breath of air, and a little bit of nature....

Also, in terms of the Loeffler men's with Primaloft, it is a real treat! Truly, a gift of a coat to be in the photo, but in real life, he does not disappoint. The jacket is water-resistant and therefore are perfect at this time a shower of rain, or, as we may soon have the snow to go get it in the next few months. In addition, it is in the winter, of course, it will be warm. Also, cool to know about this jacket is that it is made from 55% recycled materials. Truly a sustainable product.

A while later, when he came to the ladies ' jacket with a Primaloft inside, and also here is the colour combination and the materials used, the workmanship is top notch. And finally, the walk - outdoorbroek for the ladies in our store now, you can buy a real nice addition to the overall collection.

Take a look here and fast forward to all of the new products by Loeffler.

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