Addition Husky Outdoor with new tents

At Husky we have expanded the collection of tents in recent weeks. We already had several tents for 1 person or for two people, but we have now expanded with several tents that are suitable for 3 or 4 people.

Especially if you go out with a larger group and distribute your equipment well, a tent for 3 or 4 people can also go very well in your backpack. Or if you go to the campsite by car, it will fit in the trunk of the car.

For the additions we have chosen the well-known dome tents that are easy and quick to build and after sleeping are quickly packed again so you can continue with your adventure. The larger tents have space for up to 4 people and often also for your backpack so that everything remains nice and dry with a rain shower.

Are you still looking for a cool tent to go camping with? Look at it. fast forward on the page of Huksy for the latest additions in the tent range. 

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