Walking weather for you or not?

What is winter? Tell yourself, this winter is not really to write home about. One will be delighted with it because he prefers warmth, the other lacks the snow and cold. What in any case can be done in winter or not is hiking. With stick. And of course you will find it with us ;)

And if you look outside and think: walking? Not today ... then it might be an idea to think about a set of walking sticks!

Every year we find that walking sticks be wanted. They give that extra bit of support on your hike that you sometimes really need. This will give you a more active attitude. A walking stick is not that crazy. That is also the reason that we have expanded our range of these with up to 6 new models of the brand Husky.

Why are there so many different walking sticks? Quite simply, there are also so many different types of hikers, each with their own wishes, preferences and budget.

How do you find the stick that suits you? By looking at what you find convenient to use, what you like to hold, how heavy you want the stick and where you (usually) go for a walk. First of all, it is important to see which length suits you, because you want to relieve your body and not put extra strain on it (with a stick that is too short you will suffer from your back, with a stick that is too long your shoulders will be loaded incorrectly). If you plan to hike in the mountains, then it is important that the poles can be adjusted in length, because when climbing you need shorter poles than when setting a descent.

So, adjustable walking sticks. Manufacturers have developed several ways through which their walking sticks be adjustable. Twist lock, flip lock etc, it's up to you to decide what you like and which system works for you. What many people forget is that your knees always have a lot to endure when climbing and descending, a cane can help you to absorb some of the blows.

And no this is really not only for older people we have discovered over the years, also many young people want after they have tried it no longer without.

Outlook here furthermore, for our complete range of walking sticks.

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