Packing list hiking holiday, What do you need?

Now that corona is over and more and more people are choosing to go out, it is nice to see that more and more people are also going camping and choosing a hiking holiday. Enjoy the outdoors and the beautiful nature that we as people in many big cities hardly know anymore.

But what if you are going on the road for the first time, what should you take with you when you are going to do a real hiking holiday?

First you will have to think about whether you are going to make day trips from one point or really go out with the tent for several days. This makes quite a difference in terms of the size of your backpack. For the day trips you can finish with 30-40 liters, but if you really have to take the tent and therefore also overnight and food with you, you go to 50-75 liters, or sometimes even bigger.

The size of your bag also certainly depends on how comfortable you want it to be and what items you take with you.

In terms of clothing, you need to dress in layers. Shirt, t-shirt, long-sleeved t-shirt or a sweater, thin jacket over it and possibly a raincoat with it. If you dress in this way, you can always take something off in hot weather and put something on when you get cold. Very important is that you have quick-drying clothes and clothes that are not too tight. Especially when it starts to rain for a while, you want to be dry again quickly and when you are in the mountains, you often do not have the time to dress sheltered there, I know from experience. Shoes are also very important, they should be snug and firm. If you also think to go through water you should take care of waterproof shoes. When we go into the mountains we always go on high hiking boots for extra strength around your ankles and also with the possible wading of streams a high shoe is better. For the evening at your tent it is nice to have a light shoe with you, but a moment on your bare feet is always very nice and an extra pair of shoes in your bag also takes up extra space and weight. A jacket that is waterproof or rainwear is nice for the period when it rains a little longer. I myself always walked with gaiters to keep the lower part of your legs dry, and they also stay nice and warm. If you really want to go into a colder area (or high in the mountains) gloves or a hat can be nice.

Before sleeping, you have a lightweight tent you will need a maximum of 3-4 kilos if you go out in pairs (you can divide this between both bags). A good sleeping bag is important along with a sleeping mat. It is often perceived as less important, but it often determines how your night's sleep is. If you get cold quickly, we also recommend a sheet bag that you can put on extra in the cold at night. And if you like to sleep on a pillow, an inflatable pillow is a solution. I usually use my sweater on a roll to lie on with my head. This saves in the backpack, because you still have it with you.

Also, make sure you have a headlamp or flashlight with you, because if you really sleep in nature, you will never come across a lamppost under which you can sleep. You also need to keep the food simple. We make a lot of use of the kind of “astronoutenvoer”, boil water (burner and PAN with it), put it in the bag, wait 5 minutes for a delicious hot food. Furthermore, energy bars for the road, kekies for walking. Nuts, dried fruit or sausage, all perfect foods to get energy quickly on the go. And don't forget to bring enough drinks for both drinking and possibly cooking.

After cooking, clean everything, bring biodegradable detergent, with it you can also wash yourself. And a cloth to store everything dry again in your bag. Furthermore, do not forget good maps with Compass and a waterproof map to store them and possibly a gps to be able to determine and track your route. Bring toiletries, make sure you bring small packages and organic is often the best. And of course a first aid kit.

Many other things are easy but also depend on where you are going and how you are yourself. Wall Poles, for example, are super handy in the mountains, but also extra material to carry. Camera is nice to carry, but also a weight in your bag. Batteries is useful for all devices you have with you, but also not too much etc. etc.

What we always do when we have packed is go through the day and see if you don't miss anything, get up in the morning, I have my toothbrush and food for the morning, clothes for the day, food for the road, tent for when I arrive at my first location, burner to make food, matches a pan and so on......and if you have forgotten something then improvising becomes what always makes it very fun.....

Enjoy the quiet when you are away!

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