Backpacking with minimal resources: the adventure of light travel

Backpacking with minimal resources requires smart planning, efficiency and an open mind to embark on the adventure. Whether you are trekking through the mountains, wandering through beautiful cities or immersing yourself in the rich nature, here are some tips for a successful minimalist backpacking trip:

  1. Choose light equipment. Take a compact, lightweight backpack and limit yourself to the most basic things. Invest in quality, multifunctional gear that you can take with you on your trip, such as a lightweight tent, a foldable cooking set, and a sleeping bag that takes up little space. For example, at the brand SirJoseph you will find the Minimis sleeping bag, specially designed for light travel.
  2. Don't bring too many clothes. Limit yourself to garments that you can easily combine. Opt for quick-drying, lightweight fabrics. Dressing in layers allows you to prepare for different weather conditions.
  3. Organize your stuff efficiently. Use packing bags or compression bags in your backpack, to save space and to store your things in an organized way and to be able to find them again. You could also opt for packing cubes to separate clothes and accessories. And you can put small items in your shoes too!
  4. Navigate digitally although that will not work in some situations, you can also choose to use your smartphone instead of a paper map or travel guide on various backpacking trips. An e-reader or a smartphone with the right apps will save you a lot of space (and weight) and also guide you along the way.
  5. Food and water bring a reusable water bottle (e.g. from Source) and buy compact foods with high nutritional value. Dehydrated food is light in weight and easy to carry and prepare.
  6. Safety Don't forget to bring a small first aid kit with basic supplies such as patches, pain relievers and a disinfectant. One multitool is also always very convenient to take with you.
  7. Switch the button in your brain. Enjoy the basics, the simplicity. Be prepared to say goodbye to items that are not essential for your trip, which you can do without and focus on your goal: travel around and enjoy with as little ballast as possible!

And now enjoy and go on the road!

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