Hannah Outdoor back with new tents and sleeping bags

Because of the difficult period with COVID last period and the many people who could not and were allowed to travel, we have been able to do little or almost nothing with Hannah Outdoor last year and a half. A cool brand from the Czech Republic with beautiful quality products.

A few weeks ago we came back in contact with the seller of Hannah Outdoor and we placed a new order with new and already existing articles in our range. Especially tents are the past and we expect some coming period, difficult to come by. Especially many people go out alone or with two to enjoy in and of nature. Due to production problems around the world, the small tents are certainly sold out almost everywhere.

But Hannah Outdoor still had a number of smaller tents and also the sleeping bags were still reasonably in stock. That is why we have chosen a number of 2-person tents and a 3-person tent.

And for the sleeping bags we did an extension with the thicker ones Sherpa for the colder periods that are also coming. We've already had the smaller version available and is also a special lightweight sleeping bag (for women Bikers) W. It has a special design for a woman's body and it is also less than the normal bags.

Take a quick look at the entire collection of Hannah Outdoor.

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