Hannah Back on Track

For a while it was difficult to get the products of the beautiful Hannah brand in stock. After some changes in intermediaries and uncertainty about this, we managed to re-establish contact last year and we are back on track! And that's beautiful! As a result, we have been able to significantly expand the range and you can contact us for various bags, sleeping bags and nice sleeping mats!

We have yet to investigate whether there is also interest in Hannah's clothing line. Our experience is that the brand is a bit narrower/smaller and the question is whether that is convenient for us Dutch. Food for thought. The quality will not matter. The people at Hannah work from their own passion for the outdoors. What is important to them can be found in their products. They are always looking for where to apply more comfort and ease of use to their products.

In short, a lot of nice new stuff to find under the cup Hannah 

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