Nitecore flashlights and headlights extended

Because our range of flashlights and headlights has been thinned out a lot recently because of flared models, brands that we no longer buy back and also manufacturers that just can't deliver we have ordered a number of new lamps from Nitecore in order to give our customers the right tools when they go out. If you arrive at your place late at night you just want to have enough light to set up your tent or to shine when you are still preparing your meal. Or how about overnight suddenly for a little message, then you need that flashlight or headlamp be close!

Most flashlights from Nitecore are equipped with special batteries for the flashlight and headlamp, these emit a larger amount of light compared to the normal batteries. The lamps are also equipped with a high number of lumens, on our trips there is always a good headlamp because this is very easy if you want your hands free. The high number of lumens, it is very easy, so that you get a wide range of the light bulb in your head (be careful with the people around you, because if they look at you, look them full in the beam of light.). But especially if you have to bridge a bit later in the evening, a large amount of light is very nice to walk in.

Outlook here also for the cool flashlights and headlights from Nitecore.

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