Dutch Mountain 20 liter backpack VS Source Summit 15 liter backpack

After several years of almost daily use of the Dutch Mountain backpack, the bag really needs to be replaced. The fabric has become very thin here and there and the fabric is not as clean anymore because of all the use. The bag must have made its money after all these years of use. Many business matters but also the many nice trips the bag went with.

Both trips with the whole family with the water bottles in the bag as well as business meetings has seen the bag. Very nice on the Dutch Mountain bag it was just behind your back which ensures that the bag is not directly on your back. Especially in the summer months this works very nicely.

But also on the Source Summit is fortunately thought of this, it is also equipped with this nice net so that the backpack on your back has a little air. First I removed the water bag, because I won't be using it for months. Really a cool water bag to see, I have of course had them in my hands in the packaging, but if you really have it in your hands is still different. We'll definitely try it out this summer. The material of the water bag is super smooth so I can understand that this is a top product where you can hardly get mold in. This is so slippery there's nothing going on. Also the connection of the hose is super convenient. With one click Unlock and release the hose. This is especially useful if you need to take it out of the guide of the backpack.

Furthermore, I only really put the bag into use today. As with the Dutch Mountain you have many storage options, small compartments, zippers and neat where you can store your stuff. I am not a woman so I have a lot of trouble with that at the beginning because every zipper I open is not the stuff I need right now. But from experience I know that at some point I know where everything is. I miss 5 liters of content, which I especially notice when I take a lunch box because the bag is not as thick as the Dutch Mountain, so I miss the 5 liters of content. But if that's all it's gonna be all right.

I have also encountered the whistle and the magnet again. The whistle in case you are in need (it works fortunately, I tested it in the house) and the magnet for your water hose so that it is always nearby.

The straps of both the chest and the waistband have a handy option that allows you to roll them up and secure them between an extra rubber band. If you do not use one or both this can be very useful because otherwise you have a kind of tail hanging behind you all the time of two belly bands that can also stick to anything. I've already loosened them, because I always like it on the bike.

We don't supply Dutch Mountains anymore, but if you want to buy such a cool source backpack, check out here move on.

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