Chiruca Solengo a cool shoe / boot with HiVis accents

A cool shoe / boot from Chiruca finally got in. It was already in order for a while, but with all the problems surrounding corona, many deliveries are lagging behind and factories are lagging behind in manufacturing. So is this shoe or boot, just what you want to call it. But what a shoe. At  the unpacking immediately catches the attention of the HiVis accents in Orange. You can clearly see that this is really a shoe that you can use well in various outdoor activities.

Beautiful material like the waxed nubuck leather with a Gore-Tex Insulated Comfort lining which makes the shoe wonderfully waterproof. Your feet are nicely wrapped because the shoe is also higher you can walk with it perfectly during autumn and winter. I expect it will feel very warm in the periods outside, but if you use the shoe in wetter periods this is perfect. The Vibram Stone rubber outsole provides extra grip and improved shock absorption.

Check out this cool shoe and see if your size is still in stock.

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